Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce
Newberry Springs, CA  92365
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The Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce was established in 1995 and is a not-for-profit organization staffed completely by community volunteers.



The Board of Directors meets the 2nd Friday of the month, 6:00 pm, at the Newberry Springs Community Center, 30884 Newberry Road, Newberry Springs CA.  The meetings are open to all Chamber members and the public.

Who We Are

The Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization with members from the business community working for the overall betterment of Newberry Springs and surrounding areas.  We operate as an independent, non-profit organization, not affiliated with government or any other agency.  The Chamber enables business and professional people to accomplish collectively what no one could do individually.

Our Objective

Create a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of the business community and concern for their problems.

Provide assistance and opinions regarding business concerns in local, county and state issues.

To foster a climate of cooperation among members to enhance expansion and growth in our local community.

To be a vehicle for channeling our individual efforts into a unified successful force to benefit all businesses.

Maintain an atmosphere to promote and foster freedom for individuals and business firms consistent with ability for each to fulfill its responsibilities for the common good.

Our Goals

Promote the growth, beautification, and development for industrial, retail, service, tourism, and professional business.

Promote programs of an economic nature designed to strengthen and expand the income of all classifications of business in Newberry Springs.

Promote programs of a civic nature, designed to increase the functional capacity of the Newberry Springs area.

Promote programs of a social, beautification, and cultural nature, which are designed to retain the aesthetic value of the Newberry Springs area.

Discover and correct abuses which hinder the promotion and expansion of business and the orderly growth and development of Newberry Springs.


Businesses who join the Chamber understand the impact we can have by acting collectively.  And, in this era of over regulation, this strength is critical to their survival.

Let the Newberry Springs Chamber of Commence be your voice in community affairs representing you.


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2017 Pistachio Festival
November 4, 2017


Community Plan Documents

1984 Proposed DRAFT

2011 DRAFT
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